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Privacy policy

Privacy policy


Communication about privacy

At YouCoach we give great importance to the privacy of the users who visit our website and use our services. For this reason we have updated the policy about the treatment of personal data, adapting it to the new European regulations (GDPR). As responsible for the data processing provided by each of our users, YouCoach believes that clearly informing our users about the collected data and the reason for which they are collected is an important requirement to establish a relationship based on trust and transparency.

What you should know about our privacy policy:

  • What data do we collect
  • Why we collect this data
  • How we keep the information collected
  • How long we keep the data
  • With whom the data can be shared
  • How to access and modify the information provided
  • What are the rights of our users
  • Other information


What information do we collect

In order to manage the site ("page") and / or provide our services, products and payment content offered on the page we may use some of your information, including personal (the "data"): These may be mandatory, optional or simply implicit in the operation of the information systems that govern our services.

  1. Navigation data - These are elements that are stored in the browser while browsing the Internet, and can be used to improve navigation inside a web page. This category includes the IP addresses of the computers used by the users that connect to the page, the URL of the resources requested, the time of the request, etc. The computer systems and the software for the operation of the site acquire, during their normal exercise, certain personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols.
  2. Identifying information of the account - These data are required to create a personal account and register on our page. Includes: username, email address, charge.
  3. Other profile information - This information completes the user's personal profile and includes specifications on academic and professional qualifications. These are: date of birth, sports section of interest, holder of the coach card, licensee, active collegiate.
  4. Contacts and personal data - These are personal data such as: name, surname, ID, address (the last two are requested in the payment phase). In the case of a company, the necessary data are: Name of the company, CIF, address of the legal headquarters.
  5. Information that is loaded into the YouCoachApp web application during use - This is the optional information you can enter to use the features of our YouCoachApp web application.
  6. Information related to purchases and payments - Refers to completed and unfinished purchase actions in relation to the products offered on our website.
  7. Cookies - Among others, technical cookies are used to provide a better service to users for whom consent is not provided. Profile cookies are used to send advertising messages of YouCoach products in relation to the user's browsing behavior on our website; We use third-party cookies that are used to allow us to share the articles on our website in the user's social networks. YouCoach does not use cookies for the transmission of personal information for advertising purposes to third parties
  8. Other information provided by the user through direct and indirect channels of contact with YouCoach - An example is the support requests through the official YouCoach channels (such as the form on our website, our official email addresses or contacts direct through social networks).

The navigation on our page is not linked to a mandatory registration, and therefore it is possible to access the page without being requested 2, 3 and 4. Although to access to some content and / or use some services, it is necessary to inscription.


Why do we collect this data?

We use your contact information and information on how to use the services:

  • To communicate with you about our services - are the communications about the novelties in our offer or other important communications related to them, such as the update of the privacy statement;
  • Provide the free and / or payment products and / or services offered on our website - for example, the ID and / or the CIF number are essential to proceed with the billing of the purchases made;
  • To guide you in the use of the services and personalize your experience in our portal - in this way, through appropriate communications, you will be able to take full advantage of the potential of our products and services;
  • To manage all requests for information and assistance with users and customers - in case of doubt, perplexity and request for technical support, we are at complete disposal of our users;
  • To obtain anonymous statistical information about the use of the web page (for example, the number of accesses) and to verify the correct functioning. An example is the navigation data: such information is not collected to be associated with the identified users, otherwise, by its very nature, it allows the identification of the user. They are eliminated immediately after processing.
  • To send direct and / or automatic promotional communications that may be of your specific interest with respect to the information you have indicated to us or to the actions that you have concluded or that you were about to conclude on our website and in our communications by email (for example, the category that we train, the purchase of a product, a shopping cart not completed, the clicks made on the emails sent, ...). These communications are sent by email and / or by displaying pop-ups on our website and / or by viewing YouCoach ads on websites and applications of other companies, as well as on external platforms such as Facebook and Google. These communications refer to products, services and events such as information on new functions, requests for surveys, newsletters and events, as well as new products, promotions and contests that we believe may be of interest to you according to the preferences you have expressed and the behaviors that you have adopted while browsing our website. The email communications listed below fall into this category:
  • For research and development, in order to improve the services we offer through our portal;
  • For security reasons, that is, to verify accounts and activities, to monitor suspicious or fraudulent activities and to identify violations of service policies;
  • To protect our legitimate interests and our rights in cases provided by the Regulations;
  • For other reasons not included in this list, with the permission granted by the specific user.


How do we keep the information collected?

All personal data collected and illustrated here will be stored in our database present on the servers licensed to YouCoach.


Automated and direct email communications between YouCoach and those registered

The emails represent for YouCoach the most direct channel of communication with the users: indispensable to inform and interact with all of them, they are a useful channel to allow all the users to take advantage of the various opportunities and to keep abreast of the activities of the company that are related to their interests.

All the registered users in our page receive:

  • Direct communications by the staff of YouCoach in case of request for assistance, budgets or other needs expressed by users or potential users or in cases where a communication is considered timely;
  • Support email: these are the communications generated automatically in precedence and / or following actions concluded and / or not concluded on our website, such as:
    • new inscription
    • expiration of the subscription;
    • payment completed;
    • fertilizer with close expiration;
    • purchase not made;
    • informative email about new regulations that need a communication addressed to all users;
    • informative email about the status of the account
  • Informative and promotional emails: these are the weekly or periodic communications that have to do with (a) the articles published on our website and the news and the support guides related to our products and our services (b) the products, the services and events offered by YouCoach on the website, the relative promotions and those already active in collaboration with commercial partners of the company.

All users can:

  • verify at any time what informative and promotional email have decided to receive, by entering the user menu of the "My profile" page
  • modify the expressed preferences relative to informative and promotional emails, entering the user menu on the "My profile" page
  • exempt the intention of not receiving more informative and promotional emails by clicking on the link present in any of these communications. All informative and promotional emails include a link from where to cancel by clicking on the bottom of the page.


How long will we keep the data?

The inactive account for more than 24 months will be automatically canceled from our email sending system.

Your data will not be stored for longer than necessary for the purposes specified above.

After the cancellation of your YouCoach account, we will keep your data with a single administrative purpose and for a maximum period of 3 months, except for any exemptions from the law.


With whom can we share your data?

YouCoach may share user data with our service providers, which are established within the territory of the European Union and we will treat the data as autonomous holders or as responsible for the treatment, in order to manage the website and / or provide the Services, the Products and the contents of Payment, and with other third parties where there is an obligation by law or we are authorized to do so. A complete list of such subjects may be requested, by writing to the contacts indicated below.


What are the rights of our users?

At any time, all users have the right to:

  • Ask the owner of the treatment (YouCoach) access to personal data, know the content and origin, verify the accuracy or ask for integration or update, entering: "My profile", from the user menu in which it is present your user name.
  • Request the rectification or cancellation of the same
  • Request the limitation of the processing of personal data or oppose, for legitimate reasons, to its treatment;
  • Ask for the portability of the data to another service, whenever technically possible;
  • Revoke consent at any time without prejudging the legality of treatment based on consent prior to withdrawal
  • Use the guarantor for the protection of personal data and file a complaint with a supervisory authority.


How to access and modify the information provided?

You can consult the information and personal data at any time by consulting the "My profile" section from the user's menu.


Other information

Can this privacy statement be changed?

YouCoach can update this privacy statement respecting the regulations in force. All the users will be opportunely informative on the significant changes, notifying a notice through the web page.


For any other need, you can contact us through the following contacts:

Responsible for the protection and processing of personal data: YouCoach S.r.l.
Legal headquarters: vía Roma 44 - 35043 Monselice (PD)
Telephone: + 39 0429 1961410